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Wheelchair Transport

Medical Transport, Door to Door Service

Front Curb Service. No Waiting in the hot sun or cold, rainy weather. Our Driver will assist you to your Doctor visit or Hospital procedure. 

Medical Transportation

Elderly, Seniors, Disabled

We can pick you up from your Home, Nursing Faciility, Retirement or Residential Care Facility. Our Driver will knock on your door and assist you to our vehicle.

Healthcare Facilities

Caretaker for Elderly

Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Physical Therapy Faciliities, or Dialysis Centers. Call us to arrange non-emergency medical transportation for your patients.

Coming Soon

disabled, wheelchair

Stay tuned to for future details and information about renting a wheelchair van for a special evening occassion or weekend event.

Blog - The Shuttle Squad Review

Insight into Houston's Aging, Disabled, & Handicap

If you have been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), or have been battling the disease for years, you are part of a large group in today’s society. In fact, you are joining approximately 5 million people in the United Stated this year. Every day patients are being hospitalized due to difficulties related to CHF, making it one of the top 5 diagnoses of patients in hospitals across the U.S.

Simply stated, CHF is a problem in which the heart is not able to pump blood sufficiently to meet the needs of the body. CHF is not a heart attack, and it’s not a disease. Congestve Heart FailureSince the hearts of individuals with CHF are not pumping blood adequately to the muscles and tissues, patients suffer from general weakness and fatigue. Since fluid buildup can occur in the lungs, patients very often experience shortness of breath as well swelling. Although pharmacological management of CHF is necessary, there are additional steps that you need to take to maintain your strength, endurance, and independence. If you are medically stable and cleared by your physician, participation in a regular exercise program may be exactly what you need. An exercise program designed specifically for your needs by a Physical Therapist can lead to increased strength, decreased fatigue, increased activity tolerance, increased oxygen levels, and ultimately an improved quality of life and maximum independence.

con't - Overcoming Congestive Heart Failure